The Aloe Arborescens Plants used in the juice available on our website grow on a certified organic plantation near Lisbon. The plantation is situated near the Atlantic coast, free from the pollutants of motorways, sewers and closed, smoky environments. This chemical free environment ensures that all measures are taken to produce the most natural product.

Aloe Arborescens Plantation, Lisbon, Portugal

Careful attention is paid to growing, harvesting and manufacturing the certified organic Aloe ingredients. Aloe is found to grow in hot humid conditions with high rainfall. In the absence of rainfall for a period more than one week, a drip irrigation system is used for watering the plants. Herbs ae planted and grown between plants to deter pests naturally. The plants are harvested before sunrise by hand in order to select only the highest quality five-year old leaves.

Harvesting aloe leaves for preparation of juice

The juice is prepared immediately after picking the leaves. Leaves are cut, then weighed along with raw, organic honey from the heather plant and organic distillate before blended and stored in dark glass bottles.

The end product contains all the nutritonal benefits of the Aloe Arborescens Plant along with the natural healing properties of raw, unprocessed honey. Unpasteurised with ingredients grown and harvested in pristine conditions, this juice is a powerhouse of nutrients at its natural best.

At Green Health, we enjoy taking this juice at the turn of each season. We find it results in an increase in energy and an overall feeling of wellness!

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